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Board resolutions are documents which are the record of crucial decisions taken by board members. They also give individuals or organizations to implement the decision decided. As such, they constitute an essential element of a board’s authority, and could have legal implications. However, drafting effective resolutions can be a challenge for new directors who aren’t familiar with the procedure.

The best way to familiarize yourself with the format and language of a resolution is to work with a pre-made template that’s stored in your portal for boards. This will make the process of drafting resolutions much simpler for all members and will ensure that the document follows the format that is required.

A good resolution for the board begins with “Whereas” statements that detail the essential facts and reasoning behind a decision. It concludes with “resolved” clauses that clearly define the exact actions to be taken. The resolution should then include an inventory of all board members who have voted in favor or against it and a space for the chairperson (or authorized signatory) to sign their name.

It’s also important to keep in mind that only if all the directors are in attendance at a board of directors meeting is a resolution able to be enacted. This is a challenge if you have directors who are located in different cities or countries, and is also why using a template for board resolutions is so beneficial. It lets the board draft and adopt resolutions quickly and efficiently, without having to wait for everyone to be in the same room for a formal board meeting.


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